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Ashanti Publishing Group proudly introduces its new author to the family. Keiden J. Brown is an inspiring writer who finds time to write children books during the time her friends are playing with their dolls.

Keiden a native of Atlanta, GA and the youngest of twin sisters, is not your ordinary author, nor is she an ordinary child.

That’s right; she is a five year old child that has written a book. Most little girls are playing princess and having tea parties at this age but Keiden is doing all of that and more.

This expressive and very creative five year old wants to help drive the message that it is okay to be different and we should all be proud of the things that make us unique, hence the title of her soon to be released book, “Uniquely You.” Keiden expressed to her mother Bobbi Meyers that she wanted to tell others about her own life experience and how she embraced her beautiful natural hair. While the story is for children, many adults could follow Keiden’s actions in embracing their uniqueness.

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