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Submission Guidelines 

1. To be considered for a book review, you must submit at least a first chapter excerpt, but feel free to send the first 2 or 3 chapters if available. The excerpt must be a whole chapter, not a paragraph, and not one page. If a full chapter isn't received, then your submission will be rejected. An entire chapter is required so that we can get an accurate feel of the author's writing. If your book is accepted for review, we will email you of our interest and forward our mailing address. We will not send emails asking if the book has been sent or if you have received our initial email asking you to send the book. You will need to be responsible for any follow-ups with us in regards to the status of your book being mailed off and received by us. When submitting your excerpt for review consideration, please do not use this website to send correspondence. This website address is for review submissions only.

2. Once accepted, you must submit a complete copy of your work, a word document would be preferred. A review copy can be an advanced reader copy or a final retail copy of your novel. If the book has editing issues, it will be reflected in the review as well as the rating for your book. Since we are now accepting word document files for reviews, we will no longer accept printed manuscripts for review purposes.

3. Any African-American Fiction is acceptable (this includes Contemporary, Christian/Inspirational, Street Lit, Sci-Fi/Speculative, Romance, Young Adult/Teen, Erotica, Mystery/Suspense, etc). Outside of an occasional review for non-fiction that one of our reviewers chooses to review, we are not accepting any inquiries for non-fiction work. We also do not review poetry on our site. However, we do feature a Poetry section on the main page of the website each month at no cost. The section will feature the book cover of the poetry book, a brief description of the book or poet, and a link to the poet's website. If interested, simply send a short email to and we will let you know if we have chosen to spotlight you.

4. The Urban Reviews rating scale for book reviews are from 1 to 5 . Please be advised that ALL reviews will be posted on our site and on regardless of their rating.

5. There may be up to a THREE MONTH WAITING PERIOD for reviews, so inquire accordingly. Also, if your book is slated to be released in the future and you want to have a review the same month your book is released, the possibility of the waiting period being three month STILL applies.

7. Please be patient when it comes to reviewing your work. If it has been two months and we have not posted a review yet, feel free to send us an email to asking for status at that time.

8. All of the above is not meant to scare anyone off. Please feel free to contact us through email at (do not send book review requests to this address - refer to the above information for properly submitting book review requests. If chosen for review, we must have a JPEG, PNG or GIF copy of the book cover. We can resize it and host the picture on our site to accompany the review.

9. E-BOOK SUBMISSIONS: You can request to have your ebook reviewed, but it must be in PDF format (although we can convert Word documents to PDF if needed) or gifted as a Kindle e-book to  E-books follow the same submission process mentioned above and are subject to the same possibility of a 3-month waiting period.  Since the E-book reviewers may pass on reading your e-book, you must let us know at the time of your original submission request if you want to be considered for review by our reviewers who can only read physical copies.  Upon acceptance, we will let you know if a printed version or an e-book version will be needed.  Do not send the entire e-book until it has been accepted.

To recap, please send the following to no earlier than 3 months prior to but no later than 12 months after the release date of your book:

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